Skutik Watershed

Support community work such as:

  • Sipayik Community Clam Garden
  • Whiting town dam to support fish passage enhancement from the headwaters of the Orange River to Cobscook
  • Fish passage enhancement along the Skutik River
  • “The Skutik watershed has the potential to support the largest river herring spawning migration in North America (Limnotech, 2020; Gibson et al., 2017)”.

Machias Bay Watershed

Support community work such as:

  • Restore the natural tidal dynamics and fish passage blocked by tidal gates at the Rt.1 dyke and causeway in Machias.
  • Marsh restoration efforts.
  • Restore water quality and shellfish fisheries in Machias Bay.
  • Collaborative Watershed Education

Union River to Acadia Watershed

Support Community Work such as:

  • Work with the Ellsworth and other watershed communities, Brookfield Renewable Energy, and state and federal management agencies to restore fish passage across the mouth of Leonard’s lake (Ellsworth Dam).
  • Engage community, management, NGO, and science to advance the Eastern Maine Coastal Current Collaborative’s work to advance community-supported, ecosystem-based fisheries management approaches.
  • Strengthen the Eastern Maine Skippers program and bring new field and lab- based STEM relevant experiential learning programs to Union River and Acadia watershed teachers and students.

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