How We Work

Capturing increased community benefits from fisheries and aquaculture

Building a Thriving Downeast Fisheries Economy

Productive and sustainable fisheries are great.  But to help Downeast communities thrive again, we also must ensure that community economic and heritage outcomes are maximized and that our fisheries economy is resilient against environmental change. 

Creating Opportunity

The Downeast Fisheries Partnership is working hard to ensure that profits and jobs are maximized, and that low-barrier to entry fisheries exist. These efforts include: 

1. Research and Development: Research and development to improve existing, create new fisheries, and learn how to deal with challenges posed by an ever-changing environment.

2. Transportation Logistics & Product Marketing: With the Downeast’s cold clean water on their side, hardworking fishermen produce very high-quality seafood. To maximize the value that seafood, the fisheries must be supported by efficient transportation options and effective marketing that ensures consumers willing to pay for a premium product understand the extraordinary value of Downeast seafood.

3. Loan Programs to Support the Fishing Industry: All fisheries require investments to establish and to enter. DFP partner loan programs and business advice support fishery innovation, fishery entry, and the development of new fisheries.

4. Training the Next Generation of Harvesters and Fisheries Stewards: Downeast fisheries will only thrive if the costs associated with harvest are as low as possible, the resources are sustainably harvested, and that the larger community is equipped to make informed decisions about their fisheries.

Programs that Build a Thriving Fisheries Economy

Sunrise County Economic Council

Loan Programs

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