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Restoring a keystone species

the Alewife, a forage fish who’s habitat and population restoration will support its own fishery, the lobster fishery, endangered Atlantic salmon habitat, and will provide a forage base for juvenile cod that may help its recovery, along with the recovery of many other fish that feature alewives as a preferred prey.

Convenings and cooperative activities

that bring together key stakeholders to work towards inclusive, ecosystem-based, co-management approaches.  That approach will be especially important to effectively manage valuable intertidal fisheries like the softshell clam, mussels, oysters, and even blood worms.  These fisheries are critical to reviving Downeast coastal community heritage and their fisheries economy because they are ‘low-barrier fisheries’ and accessible to those who need income most – without the need for expensive equipment or extensive education.

Outreach and education for the next generation of fisheries leaders

to ensure that they are well equipped to earn a good living while protecting our natural resources and the integrity of our coastal ecosystem.

Research and innovation

that will help the fishing economy deal with climate changes and those designed to support new fisheries and aquaculture opportunities, like those emerging for kelp and other ‘sea vegetables’.

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