Thriving in the face of challenges

Our work to restore Downeast rivers, fish populations, and sustainable fisheries is ultimately motivated by a desire to help our communities thrive in the face of challenges through a series of projects and programs designed around five goals created to build Downeast’s social, environmental, and economic health and resilience:

1. Reopen lake-to-sea fish migration corridors – to help revive the dynamic nature of our rivers, the dynamic exchange of nutrients and sediment, and the great seasonal migrations of sea-run fishes.

2. Restore and protect degraded habitats – natural woody debris in streams, salt marsh restoration, and preservation of river and streamside lands will increase the carrying capacity and production of fish in our waters.

3. Engage communities – to help stakeholder groups guide sound priorities, investments, and policies that will restore diversity, production, and resilience in our sea-run, intertidal, and coastal fisheries ecosystem.

4. Help fishermen and fishing communities – adapt to their changing environment.

5. Connect our youth – with their environment and with the environmental sciences in ways that will foster informed decision-making in the future.

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