Join DFP – working together we can rebuild eastern Maine’s fisheries

DFP is a partnership – and the more partners we have the more effective we will be! DFP has adopted a governance model that keeps the focus on the partners and their work. The basis of the model is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with which organizations, businesses, individuals – even other partnerships – can join DFP. The MOU incorporates operating guidelines and allows partners to choose their level of involvement. Participation in the Stewardship Committee, the group that oversees DFP activities and currently meets monthly is one option. Joining as a group organized to complete a fisheries restoration project is another. Finally, signing up as individual or organization with an interest in the fishing forever vision is also an option. Over the next several months we will be following up with groups that have expressed an interest in joining DFP. DFP will grow and along with it the enthusiasm, strategies, hard work and resources needed to restore fisheries.

If you would like to explore becoming a partner, please contact:

Anne Hayden, Coordinator
Downeast Fisheries Partnership
(207) 725-9742