Maine Coast Heritage Trust: A New Initiative Focused on Rivers

Generations ago, Maine’s free-flowing rivers surged through vast forests and out into the Gulf of Maine, transporting fresh water, nutrients, and billions of fish…

Over time things began to change. Roads and dams blocked passage, and overfishing and pollution degraded once-powerful rivers, causing dramatic declines in populations of sea-run fish and, as a result, declines in the other fish and wildlife that feed on them.

Today, a less productive ecosystem threatens the health of many native species and the livelihoods of those making their living from the land and water.

But it’s not too late to help Maine’s rivers, the coast, and coastal communities.

MCHT has a new Initiative focused on Rivers, is now part of the Downeast Fisheries Partnership, and working to restore rivers like the Orange and Narraguagus.

Watch their new video for more information:

River Herring on the Return

A workshop on restoration efforts in eastern Maine

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Progress and Potential

Downeast Fisheries: Progress and Potential

Sea run fish are on the rebound, scallops are providing a productive winter fishery, and momentum for fisheries restoration is growing. Join us for an update – and to help chart a sustainable future for eastern Maine’s fishing communities. Read more

Kids and Fish: Teachable Moments

Downeast Salmon Federation (DSF) has a brand new, state of the art, mobile fish smokehouse. Brett Ciccotelli, DSF’s “Alewife Ambassador”, is taking the smoker on the road, demonstrating production of smoked alewives, a Downeast delicacy, and talking about the role of alewives in river and coastal ecosystems. This work is part of a broader campaign to ensure that kids – and adults – in eastern Maine have the opportunity to learn about fisheries at every stage of their educational journeys. Last fall Downeast Fisheries Partnership (DFP) held a workshop, “Taking Fisheries to School”, that helped to kick start collaborative, fisheries-related educational programming. A report describing the workshop is now available. One result of the DFP workshop is that DSF and the Maine Seacoast Mission are working together to engage kids in the  Mission’s EdGE program in “fishy” activities. Read more

Educators share ideas to increase fisheries knowledge

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Taking Fisheries to School: A Fisheries Education Workshop

The Downeast Fisheries Partnership (DFP) hosted a workshop in October to facilitate efforts to expand fisheries education in eastern Maine. The workshop brought together 30 people representing 18 different organizations and provided a platform for participants to brainstorm how to build fisheries-related topics into existing educational programs in both school-based and extracurricular settings. Read more

Taking Fisheries to School

The Downeast Fisheries Partnership (DFP) invites you to a workshop designed to strengthen the role of fisheries in educational programming in eastern Maine.

Wabanaki REACH Ally Training

On Saturday, April 18th, from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Wabanaki REACH Ally Training will be taking place at the Cobscook Community Learning Center in Trescott Township, Maine.  This training is designed for non-Native people and it will provide an opportunity to reflect on the shared history and future with Native people.  Space is limited for this event.  Register by contacting Barbara Kates at or at 207-947-6858.

Please see the Event Flyer for more information about this event.  If you are interested in learning more about Wabanaki REACH, please visit their website at

Cobscook Community High School Students Getting Their Feet Wet!


Since October 2014, students in the Cobscook Community High School (CCHS) program have been engaged in an experimental clam project that tests the clam’s ability to thrive in a variety of substrates.  CCHS partnered with the Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research and Education (DEI) to learn about clam life history, algae propagation, and hatchery operations.  Afterwards, the students began growing algae in preparation for raising the DEI clams in their classroom.  Later this spring, the students will analyze the clams to measure rate of growth in each substrate. They will follow this project with planting their clams in the flats on Straight Bay to monitor clam growth in natural conditions. This project allows students to actively think about the scientific process of designing experiments as well as understanding the biological life history of shellfish.  This is just one of the many amazing projects these talented educators and their bright students have been working on throughout the school year.

CCHS is a program of the Cobscook Community Learning Center (CCLC), based in Trescott Township.  The program focuses on experiential learning through expeditions, service projects, and community engagement to build students’ leadership, outdoor, academic, and personal skills.  CCHS also partners with many other organizations to expose students to a wide variety of topics and learning experiences throughout Washington County and the state of Maine.  To learn more about the Cobscook Community High School and/or the Learning Center, visit or call 207-733-2233.

Photo by Anne Berleant, courtesy of the Castine Patriot.

Town of Penobscot Working to Restore Alewife Run

Photo by Anne Berleant, courtesy of the Castine Patriot.

The town of Penobscot has recently formed its own Alewife Committee to work towards re-establishing its commercial alewife fishery.  They recently met with Claire Enterline from Maine Department of Marine Resources to discuss how to make re-opening of the alewife runs a reality.  Bailey Bowden, who led in the formation of the Penobscot Alewife Committee, attended the Downeast Fisheries Partnership Alewife Restoration Workshop that was held on January 21, 2015.  On the basis of what Bowden learned there – and the connections he made with other “alewife activists” – he was inspired to push for Penobscot to regain the right to manage its alewife runs.  Through the work of Bowden and others, alewives have a chance to make a comeback; and not just for today, but for generations into the future.

To read the full article about the Penobscot Alewife Committee in the Castine Patriot, please visit their website.

Scholarships Available to Marine Science Undergraduate Students

The Maine Sea Grant is offering scholarships to college undergraduate students studying Marine Science at any of the five participating institutions.  Those participating are: College of the Atlantic, Maine Maritime Academy, , University of Maine, University of Maine at Machias, and University of New England.

For more information about eligibility and how to apply, please visit

The deadline for applications is Monday, April 27, 2015 at 5:00pm.