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Our vision is that communities of eastern Maine will be able to sustain themselves fishing forever.

On October 1, 2014, Downeast Fisheries Partnership released our report, outlining our collective vision for the communities of eastern Maine to sustain themselves forever by fishing. This document provides a picture of what restored fisheries will mean in terms of ecosystem health, the economy, fisheries management and community well-being.

The findings of the report are not intended to be cast in stone but rather to catalyze ongoing conversations about the vision, as well as strategies for its achievement.  It is the hope of Downeast Fisheries Partnership that by strengthening the connections among those working for a sustainable future for eastern Maine will lead to new opportunities for improving fisheries outcomes and increased investment in the work.   Please keep Downeast Fisheries Partnership in the loop on any conversations where we can be of use in providing background information, bringing people together or identifying sources of support.