Restoring one of the world’s great ecosystems is no small undertaking.  No one organization can do it working alone.  The problem is too big and complex.  But a lot of organizations– government, non-profits, for profits– working together, just might succeed.

Our 4 Main Work Areas

Restoring Sea-Run Fisheries

Our efforts to restore river herring and other sea-run fish are tailored to the ecological characteristics and restoration potential of individual watersheds. Actions include removing dams, replacing culverts, rebuilding freshwater habitat, and using state-of-the-art techniques to restore endangered Atlantic Salmon.


Promoting Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management

We are pioneering a new approach to fisheries management where fishermen and government managers share responsibility for sustaining a diverse harvest. Incorporating fishermen’s knowledge of local ecological conditions and incentives for stewardship will allow for adaptation to climate impacts.


Preparing the Next Generation of Fisheries Stewards

Through fisheries-related K-12 educational programming, we are reconnecting students to local freshwater and marine ecosystems and to fisheries as a way of life. Rebuilding Eastern Maine’s identity as a fishing culture through experiential learning and leadership training is the key to a sustainable future.


Capturing the Benefits of Fisheries for Local Communities

Landing harvests locally requires boat services, ice machines, fish processing, and transportation to markets. We are identifying opportunities to create these connections between harvesters and regional markets while expanding options for communities to enjoy locally caught seafood.