1. To achieve the Downeast Fisheries Partnership (DFP) vision of “fishing forever” in Downeast Maine, we will need to combine the skills and expertise of many organizations (for profit, non-profit, agencies, individuals).

  2. Each partner organization has an important role to play in solving the problem. Each partner is committed to bringing their particular skills to bear on achieving the vision of DFP.

  3. DFP will not compromise the pursuit of individual organizations’ missions.

  4. DFP will not jeopardize the ability of any single organization to raise revenue for its own mission. Rather, the collaborative will strive to increase the revenue for partner organizations.

  5. The missions and intellectual property of all the partner organizations will be respected by the other partners.

  6. Each DFP partner organization will be attentive to the needs of the other organizations in DFP, and provide help and support whenever and wherever possible.

  7. DFP partners are motivated by a “mission over organization” philosophy.

  8. DFP places the highest value on human relationships based on openness, honesty, and respect.

  9. When DFP is discussed with external entities, the fact that many other organizations are participating will be referenced.

  10. Partners recognize that achieving the vision will take a long time, perhaps as much 10 to 20 years. Stewardship is forever.

  11. To the extent possible, partners are committed to long-term participation.